Bristol Nutritional Therapist


My journey as a nutritional therapist began when I started to experience headaches, fatigue and heavy periods which left me feeling completely drained. On top of this I was frequently unwell with chronic colds and tonsillitis.  

I was given antibiotics and pain relief, none of which got to the root cause of my health issues, and they continued.  I was completely exhausted and at breaking point, so I decided to take matters into my own hands and go and see a nutritionist. 

Within a few months she helped me to optimise my diet and lifestyle and my periods began to feel lighter and pain free, I stopped getting ill and felt re-energised. It was the best I had felt in years and I couldn’t believe how simple it was. 

From that day forward I was fascinated with the impact food could have on your body and I’m now on a mission to help other women find their way back to optimal health.

Training and certifications

I trained for 3 years as a Nutritional Therapist in Bristol at the College of Naturopathic Medicine. I am also registered with the ANP (Association of Naturopathic Practitioners) and the GNC (General Naturopathic Council), who regulate naturopathic practitioners in the UK.

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